Darts on the move?

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Re: Darts on the move?

Post by MattW » 20:33 Saturday 12th September 2020

Bloody hell. Best wishes mate.

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Re: Darts on the move?

Post by AdamH » 22:08 Saturday 12th September 2020

That doesn't sound very nice. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Re: Darts on the move?

Post by TimBrown » 09:51 Sunday 13th September 2020

bmmoboy wrote:
13:58 Saturday 12th September 2020
I’ve torn my quadrant ligament, and was treated to a 2 night stay at The Alex in Redditch. Included free of charge was an operation to re-connect it. Currently bandaged, and with a support, I will be out of action for 8 to 10 weeks
Sorry to hear of your problems - had to look up quadrant ligament, is it in your elbow or other part of arm? Pleased that NHS looked after you despite all the emphasis on Covid19.
Hope you make a quick recovery and manage to return to bus driving, even if not on 145s with fully loaded S28s and no power steering!

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Re: Darts on the move?

Post by bmmoboy » 10:58 Sunday 13th September 2020

It’s the ligament attached to the knee, so the power steering (or lack of it) on an S28 wouldn’t be a problem, it’s just the climb up to the cab that’s the problem!

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