Citaro woes.

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Re: Citaro woes.

Post by TimBrown » 12:22 Saturday 1st June 2019

Matt wrote:
11:57 Friday 17th May 2019
Maybe we should start an online petition to city/county council somewhere/somehow. As i have ommented previously I don't think much of the disparity where it seems that dirty buses get palmed off on areas that haven't got CAZ or similar in place.
Another unexpected feature of the Citaro - the interior of 64013 is like a sauna now the summer temperature outside has hit 20 degrees C. The situation is compounded by a notice on the few windows that open requesting that passengers do not open them because the air-conditioning won't work with them open - err pardon me, what? Does the air-conditioning actually function on these 17 year old buses? Did not seem so to me.

64013 is also another that jerks as it pulls up and it has broken loose roof ceiling panels which rattle and vibrate on rough roads, aggravated on this bus by hard suspension which I have not noticed on others of the OIG series. Noted too, another tall passenger moving about to try and find a seat with some legroom. Needless to say despite the cosmetic makeover I am very disappointed with these buses.

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Re: Citaro woes.

Post by willr7 » 22:50 Saturday 1st June 2019

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Re: Citaro woes.

Post by DD12 » 17:52 Saturday 8th June 2019

64014 broken down in St.Martins Gate this afternoon, but restarted by the First service crew.

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