A classic view (soon never to be repeated)

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A classic view (soon never to be repeated)

Post by bmmoboy » 16:48 Sunday 4th December 2022

A soon never to be repeated scene as 32644/5/6 and 36241/2 get ready to depart at Blessed Edward School, on Tuesday 29th November. This is the first time that I have seen all the services, S1-5 operated with no StreetDecks.

My steed was 32645 which I went to Droitwich, then on to Malvern, a lovely vehicle to drive, enjoyed every secons!

32644, 36242, 36241, 32646 and 32645, Blessed Edwards School, Tuesday 29th November 2022 05.JPG

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Re: A classic view (soon never to be repeated)

Post by DD12 » 01:40 Monday 5th December 2022

Great photo, thanks bmmoboy !

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