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Re: Bus Fire

Post by willr7 » 22:13 Tuesday 24th November 2020

DD12 wrote:
12:25 Tuesday 24th November 2020
TimBrown wrote:
10:51 Tuesday 24th November 2020

64014 seen back in service today on city route driving from the Butts/Shaw Street into Sansome Street. From my brief glimpse whilst I was sat in car waiting for traffic lights to change there didn't seem to be any trace of fire damage on offside rear; was this the bus involved in Malvern road fire?.
When I shopped at Aldi a few days ago, 64014 was parked at the rear of "the patch"
and the only "hint" of any damage was the lower rear nearside panel was in grey primer !!

It would seem quite remarkable to me if this is the reported vehicle, and that it's back in service already !!
Yeah... I think I may have been mistaken with my presumption... As 64014 returned to service only a week after said incident!
Although the tracker suggest 64014 was in the right place at the right time for it to be the vehicle in question (I know that isn't always 100% accurate, but still) Odd... :?
https://bustimes.org/vehicles/35134?dat ... s/84475447
Maybe it wasn't a FirstBus at all, and we've jumped to that conclusion... :?:

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Re: Bus Fire

Post by AdamH » 23:27 Tuesday 24th November 2020

Ridercross wrote:
11:58 Tuesday 24th November 2020
There is a picture on the Kidderminster Matters Facebook page which shows it smoking on the Island on the entry lane to the garage.
Search for the Facebook page "Kidderminster News TV" and you will find a full video of the bus going up in flames right outside the depot. Engineers rushed out to try and save it, but it was a total loss.

For some reason, if you just search "Diamond Bus Fire" there are way too many results to choose from! :o

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