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Post by x68 » 20:19 Tuesday 18th June 2019

i can log on on laptop but on phone or tablet will not let my logon

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Re: phone

Post by marck » 16:29 Sunday 20th October 2019

I'm getting similar problems or keeps getting me to log in every time I click anything or try to post, are there any problems with the site?

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Re: phone

Post by AdamH » 17:41 Sunday 20th October 2019

No problems that I know about, but if you are being logged out it would suggest your device is not remembering you session id. Have you turned off cookies or do you have some sort of anti-virus software that may be blocking the site?

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Re: phone

Post by 943KHA » 18:05 Sunday 20th October 2019

Having the same problem here with my new Samsung A20e, it requires me to login / password every time. Retried using old Samsung and no issues. Must be that new phone is EuroVI compliant..............

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