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X40 Redditch-Cheltenham (Oct 1979)

Posted: 15:57 Monday 26th October 2020
by AdamH
Flicking through some old timetables, like you do, I noticed new for October 1979, a shopper services from Redditch to Cheltenham...
Wednesday is half-day closing in Redditch, so why not go with Reddibus to Cheltenham. We are putting on a fast Wednesdays return service called X40, via Evesham but picking up first around the New Town and Studley. A bargain day out!
All good so far. However, when I flicked the pages to find said timetable I discovered that Service X40 only ran on Thursdays.

So why one is correct? Was the X40 a Wednesday only service, or a Thursday only service? Or maybe it was some other day and they were both wrong!

It's no wonder passenger numbers fell in the 1970s with marketing like that! 🙄