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by bringstybeast
14:56 Tuesday 5th January 2021
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: 2021 Arrivals and Disposals
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Re: 2021 Arrivals and Disposals

A nice panoramic view of the garage and patch taken from Asda's car park courtesy of Bob Hemming on Monday 4 January 2021. Citaro 64048 is clearly visible and I reckon the Volvo in the foreground is 66308 if I am reading the faint fleet number above offside front wheel correctly. garage jan 4 b.jpg...
by bringstybeast
12:44 Saturday 19th December 2020
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: 66304 & other buses in Worcester.
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Re: 66304 & other buses in Worcester.

At just shy of 19 years old these are ever so slightly newer than the two Badgerline Nationals (905/908) transferred in in 1999. But apart from those two, not sure anything older has ever been introduced to service. Despite the age, if replacing Streetlites I’d be tempted to argue Worcester has got ...
by bringstybeast
19:44 Wednesday 18th March 2020
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: 2020 Arrivals and Disposals
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Re: 2020 Arrivals and Disposals just seen this on twitter and the moquette matches the one on our recently refurbished citaros (most recent ones) could these finally be the ones for us ?!?!? Possibly 37668? For Swansea - which has the same seats. The older B9 Geminis are ...
by bringstybeast
17:57 Sunday 15th March 2020
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Worcester Optare Solo's
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Re: Worcester Optare Solo's

53051 (VU03 YKE) Appears to have been purchased/preserved by someone and has been re-registered BU51 ADA. 8-)
by bringstybeast
23:55 Wednesday 12th February 2020
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: 30 to Dines Green operated once a day by Hereford.
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Re: 30 to Dines Green operated once a day by Hereford.

And to piggy-back onto this question (sorry), did Hereford depot do any runs on the 44 back in the early 2000s back in the era that Kidderminster had the 144? After the Worcester-Bromyard 317 was withdrawn there used to be a 4.40 from Worcester right through to Hereford with no matched bus in opposi...
by bringstybeast
10:30 Saturday 8th February 2020
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: New Malvern branding
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Re: New Malvern branding

Sounds cr*p !! -- -- I don't like the idea of the 3 StreetDecks used, being repainted in that colour scheme. :( Do we know if they are using the 3 StreetDecks for the new Spa brand? Or will they be moved to other routes such as the X50 when 66692/3 move to Leicester... I guess it will either be a s...
by bringstybeast
19:13 Saturday 7th December 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: FMR Changes from Jan 2020.
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Re: Changes to Worcester city 36/36A & 37 from 05/01/20.

Did not Diamond try competing on the 144 route some years ago - but with a different service number ?? :?: Was same route number if I remember correctly and used branded Volvo Wright Ecclipse's.This was when 144 Worcs-Brum was every 15 mins and Diamond were every 30 mins so six buses/hour and with ...
by bringstybeast
16:04 Saturday 2nd November 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Service 761
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Service 761

A route 10 branded Gold decker (VX62CXZ) on the Chepstow-Beachley shuttle this afternoon. Never seen anything larger than a little enviro200 before. Clearly take up has gone through the roof since Stagecoach took over!
by bringstybeast
22:21 Tuesday 29th October 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: FMR: Refurbs and Repaints
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Re: FMR: Refurbs and Repaints

Anne Diamond was born in Malvern. I'm sure naming the route after her and painting the buses blue would be popular.
by bringstybeast
15:42 Tuesday 1st October 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Buses serving Norton Parkway
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Re: Buses serving Norton Parkway

The main purpose of the Parkway is parking for London bound travellers. For people without cars they will find the existing Worcester/Pershore stations more accessible. So there isn’t going to be much benefit from a bus service (that’s not to say council won’t fund as part of it’s vanity project). I...

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